Darong Huang
Title:  Research on the key technologies of data management and control of intelligent connected vehicle platoons under zero-trust framework.

Abstract: In the future open traffic scenario, due to the characteristics of random networking and random access of nodes, the “Zero-trust” characteristic of “Never Trust instant authentication” becomes more and more obvious in the interactive nodes or systems of the intelligent interconnect platoon. There are problems in the system are common, such as weak authentication mechanism, low security defense ability, poor identification of trusted partners, etc. Which would lead to the situations like, potential and uncertainty of target parameters, changeability and inadaptability of data security calculation and access mode, the complex mapping relationship between node data trust level and security control strategy, etc. There is a bottleneck in improving the efficiency of the coordinated management and control of the intelligent network-connected vehicle platoon. Motivated by these observations, it is very important to construct an all-information-chain based security driving control scheme, which is named by “Environment-aware autonomous trust-reliable data transmission-cooperative risk tolerance” scheme.
This report introduces the origin of the full-information-chain security control problem of the intelligent connected vehicle fleet under the zero-trust framework, and pay attention to the following three main problems: 1) construction of the distributed cooperative environment data perception credibility structure, 2) the weak center of data security reliable transmission scheme and 3) full information chain-driven cooperative fault-tolerant controllable issue. Then this report briefly introduces the related core points and technical schemes, and introduces the preliminary results which are obtained, and the future application trend.

Biography: Darong Huang, a professor of the Anhui University Artificial Intelligence Institute and part-time Professor of Chongqing Jiaotong University. He is the Chongqing University Bayu Scholars Special Professor,and wins the seventh batch of “Western light visiting scholars”, which is granted by the Science and Technology Ministry, Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Organization and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. And the Ministry of Education has appointed him as a visiting scholar to the AKS(Automatic control and Komplex System) academic institution, in University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, as well as a winner of the excellent talents support program in Chongqing higher education institutions, and a key young-middle-aged teacher in Chongqing higher education institutions. He was the vice-dean of the School of Information Science and Engineering, Chongqing Jiaotong University, and vice-director of the Jiulongpo District Economic and Information Commission. He is also deputy secretary-general of the Data-driven Control, Learning and Optimization Committee of the Chinese Automation Committee. Furthermore, he is a member of the professional committee on fault diagnosis and safety of technical process/process control/youth academic committee of the Chinese Automation Committee, the Professional Committee on Maritime Command and control of the Chinese command and Control Committee, the Professional Committee on Intelligent Factory of the Chinese Committee of instrumentation, and the Vice Chair of Chongqing of Reliability Committee.
He chairs three projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, more than 20 provincial-level and ministerial-level projects, including the 13th “five-year plan” technical basic scientific research project of the National Defense Administration of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education’s Research Starting-up Fund for returned overseas students, Sichuan-Chongqing Cooperation Key Research and development project, China post-doctoral Science Fund, and Chongqing Municipal Commission of Education’s scientific and technological research key project. He has published more than 80 SCI and EI retrieval papers, in important domestic and foreign journals such as IEEE Tits, IEEE TVT, IEEE Tim, ITOJ, IEEE TII, IEEE TGRS, Chinese Journal of Science and automation, etc. And he has authorized more than 20 invention patents, published two monographs in the Science Press, led or participated in the preparation of three group standards. He has won the Silver Award of Geneva International Invention Show, the first prize of Innovation Achievement of China Invention Association, the first prize of innovation achievement of China industry-university-research Cooperation, the second prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Association of Automation, the second prize of Science and technology progress of Chongqing Municipality, the individual award of Innovation Achievement of China industry-university-research Association, and the Third Prize of Science and technology progress of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The main research fields are fault diagnosis and prediction, system reliability and fault-tolerant control, traffic information fusion and control, etc.